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Rettung des Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner


Ein traditionsreiches Kulturhaus könnte für immer verloren gehen, denn wir sind die Einzigen, die mit einem Kulturkonzept antreten!

Kulturschaffend zu sein, bedeutet für uns, etwas Neues zu kreieren, womit sich möglichst viele Menschen identifizieren können. Was wir in der Gegenwart erschaffen, wird die Zukunft formen und den folgenden Generationen mehr als nur das blanke Leben ermöglichen.


Wie wir uns beschreiben…:




Wir sind junge und jung gebliebene Menschen, die einen selbstbestimmten Lebensweg gehen. Wir wollen unsere Umwelt mitgestalten und viel geben.

Wir kommen unserem Ziel näher, wenn sich Menschen begegnen und dabei lächeln. Künstlerische Fähigkeiten sollen erweitert oder entdeckt, glückliche Momente erschaffen werden.

Wir haben die Kraft, das unbezahlbare Potential, sowie den Mut, etwas zu bewegen.


Das „Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner“




  • Ab 1950 in der Saarbrückener Straße in Meiningen erbaut
  • Für kulturelle Ereignisse des RAW (Reichs- Ausbesserungs- Werk) genutzt
  • Ursprünglich Nutzung auf 3 Etagen
  • Im Jahr 2000 von Familie Otto nach 10 Jahren Leerstand erworben
  • Umfängliche Restaurierung aus Eigenmitteln 
  • Kulturbetrieb bis 2014/15 
  • Bis heute liebevoll gepflegt und instandgehalten
  • Steht vor dem Verkauf an Immobilienunternehmen, die es komplett umbauen würden



Was wir im Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner umsetzen wollen:





Hochwertige Veranstaltungen mit Artistik, Jonglage, Clownerie, Tanz und Gesang



von Jugend-, über Ü-30-Party, bis Partnertanz



Fähigkeiten vermitteln für Handwerk, Kunst und Präsentation



Weitergabe von Kompetenzen zu den Themen Nachhaltigkeit, Demokratie und Ernährung




Open Air

Freiluftkino, Gartenkonzerte und Märkte



Filme, fernab des Mainstreams



Für Firmenfeiern, Hochzeiten, Geburtstage, Trauerfeiern und Workshops



Für alle hausinternen Veranstaltungen



Schaffen wir das?




Wir vereinen Kompetenzen und Erfahrungen aus der Organisation von:

  • 8 Jahren „Internationales Straßentheater Festival – Berlin lacht!“
  • 4 Jahren „MyFest“ (größte eintägige Veranstaltung von Berlin mit 18 Bühnen)
  • 5 Jahren „Suhler StraßenTheater Festival“
  • dutzenden Cabarets / Varietés in Suhl und Berlin
  • diverser Veranstaltungen in Zella-Mehlis zu Themen wie Demokratie und Nachhaltigkeit



Die Organisation beinhaltete unter anderem die Aufgabenfelder von:

  • Antragstellung
  • Künstler*innenbooking
  • Bestellung der Dienstleister
  • Händlerverträge
  • Grafik und Layout
  • Marketing
  • Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
  • Sponsoring
  • Dokumentation
  • Abrechnung


Wir sind Experten auf diesem Gebiet und wollen zukünftig unser Potential nutzen, um den Veranstaltungssektor näher an die kulturelle Verantwortung unserer Gegenwart heran zu führen.



Wofür brauchen wir Eure Unterstützung?


Wir haben bereits mit regionalen Banken gesprochen. Die Menschen, mit denen wir dabei Kontakt hatten, haben uns durchweg zugetraut, dieses Konzept erfolgreich umsetzen zu können, fanden es sogar wichtig für die Region. Doch sind wir stets an unserem fehlenden Eigenkapital gescheitert. Wir haben die letzten 10 Jahre in den Aufbau unseres kulturellen Netzwerkes investiert, welches deutlich mehr Wert ist, als das Eigenkapital für einen Kredit.

Bitte unterstützt uns, eine Finanzierung möglich zu machen, indem wir ein Eigenkapital vorweisen können.


* Wir behalten uns vor, unsere Unterstützer/innen zu prüfen und gegebenenfalls vom Vertrag mit einem Unterstützer zurückzutreten.






Saving “Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner”

A traditional cultural center could be lost forever, because we are the only ones who are competing to revive it with a cultural concept!

For us, creating culture means giving life to something new, with content that is relatable to as many people as possible. What we establish here will shape future generations, showing them there is a way to live which is more than just a mere existence.

How we describe ourselves ... 

We are both young and young at heart, living our lives to the beat of our own drums. We strive to shape our environment, while giving back as much as possible to our community.

When people meet each other, and greet one another with a smile, we are one step closer to our goal. We support the discovery as well as the expansion of artistic talents, and the joyful moments they have the power to create.

We have the power, the unlimited potential, and the courage it takes to make a difference. 



Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner“ 




• Established in 1950 in Saarbrückener Straße, Meiningen

• Frequently used for cultural events by the National Railway Repair workers

• Originally entertained guests on 3 separate floors

• After being vacant for 10 years, the cultural center was purchased in the year 2000 by the Otto family

• Using their personal funds, the Otto family comprehensively restored the building to its previous glory

• For the next 4-5 years, cultural events were able to be enjoyed in this center once again

• This beautiful cultural center has been carefully maintained until today...

• and now this cultural artifact finds itself for sale, potentially to a real estate giant who could tear it to the ground, or else completely repurpose this special building. In doing so, years of history as well as a cultural future for the residents of Meiningen and surrounding areas would be lost forever.

What we want to implement in the “Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner”






High-quality shows featuring the artistry of acrobatics, juggling, clowning, dancing and singing would delight our stages.



Dances for youths, parties for the older crowd, and events featuring traditional partner dances from a variety of cultures would be held in the ballroom.


The sharing of knowledge and skills on a wide range of artistic, creative and presentation topics would always have priority here.



Passing on expertise on critical issues such as sustainability, democracy and nutrition is something we would offer to strengthen the minds of our community.



Open Air

Outdoor cinema, garden concerts and markets would bring the community together and allow people to connect with each other in meaningful ways.



We would have a chance to present movies, far from the mainstream, which people might otherwise never be exposed to and in doing so broaden their horizons.



For company parties, weddings, birthdays, funerals and workshops we would make our unique space available for unforgettable events.



For all in-house events, we will offer catering provided by local businesses.



Are we able to do it?




We combine expertise and experience from the organization of:

• 8 years "International Street Theater Festival - Berlin lacht!"
• 4 years "MyFest" (one of the biggest one-day events in Berlin, complete with 18 different stages)
• 5 years "Suhler StraßenTheater Festival"
• dozens of cabarets / variety shows in Suhl as well as Berlin
• various presentations in the city of Zella-Mehlis on topics such as democracy and sustainability 


Among other things, the organization of these events included the tasks of:

• filling of permits and applications
• booking talented artists from around the world
• hiring the technicians and mechanics necessary to accomplish our vision
• negotiating contracts with our workers, artists, and agents
• graphics and layout design for promotional materials
• marketing our events to ensure full houses
• press and public relations
• securing and maintaining relationships with sponsors
• documentation and the filing of paperwork
• invoices and accounting

Our proficiency in these areas, which cover all the facets of running a successful cultural center, proves that we are experts in our field. Our dream is to use our knowledge and experience to make the performing arts more relatable to the current generation, in a way that reflects cultural responsibility.


Why do we need your support?

We have already talked to regional bankers who were confident we could successfully implement this concept and agreed that our goal could have a widely positive impact on our region. Unfortunately, due to our lack of equity, they were not able to offer us the funds necessary to turn this vision into a reality. For the past 10 years our focus has been in building our cultural network instead of filling our bank accounts. Although we are confident that was the right decision, it puts us now at a disadvantage as we stand in front of this undertaking.

In this vein, we kindly ask for your financial support so that we can return to the bank with the necessary equity to secure a loan and save an architectural treasure, turning it into a haven of entertainment, education, and culture for our region.



Showing our appreciation


Postcard *

You will receive a handwritten thank-you note which features the work of artists from our community.


Coffee + cake *

You will be invited to an exclusive traditional German ‘Coffee and Cake’ party, and be offered a private guided tour of the Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner.


Sandwiches with uLLer

uLLer likes to create artesian sandwiches from unexpected ingredients that you certainly have not tried before. But don’t be fooled...sandwiches don’t necessarily mean there is going to be bread 😉


5 free drinks *

You will receive five drinks in standard size from our menu – whichever ones you want, it’s up to you!


1 free ticket to our Cabarét *

Our Cabarét shows are lovingly assembled by professional international artists with a wide range of talents. One free drink from our menu is included with your ticket.


Wall of Fame

Starting at donation of 50, - € you will get your name on our Wall of Fame - and have a special place in our hearts forever!


Workshop on self-esteem and presentation

Do you have an idea and do not know how to get started making it happen? Are you looking for financial backers to "sell" your project to? From the feasibility check to conceptual design to presentation, the foundation stones are laid here. We know the importance of your idea, and will not let you down 😊


2 free tickets to our Cabarét *

Our Cabarét shows are lovingly assembled by professional international artists with a wide range of talents. One free drink from our menu is included with each ticket.


Photo shooting *

You will receive a small photoshoot with a professional photographer, either in or outside of the Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner. Included are 3 high quality printouts of your favorite images.


3 free tickets to our Cabarét *

Our Cabarét shows are lovingly assembled by professional international artists with a wide range of talents. One free drink from our menu is included with each ticket.


Free Room rental for one day *

You can use the ballroom of the cultural center for the event of your choice, free of charge for one day. Additional services such as event organization, photography, stage program, decoration and catering can be booked at any time for an additional fee.


Celebration with unlimited number of guests, including party planning and a private Variete show *

We will organize an exclusive show for your party or event with at least 3 acts from our extensive network of performers, who will donate their time for the occasion. In addition, we will completely plan your party or event which will take place in the Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner. Included in this prize is the cost of the location, the invitation management including hotel booking, planning and ordering the catering, as well as additional organizational services we have to offer. Travel costs for the artists may apply, depending on their location.



* We reserve the right to review our supporters and, if applicable, withdraw from the contract with a supporter.







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    Workshop zum Thema Selbstbewusstsein und Präsentation
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    Raummiete für einen Tag *
    Ihr könnt den Festsaal einen Tag lang kostenlos nutzen. Weitere Dienstleistungen, wie Eventorganisation, Fotografie, Bühnenprogramm, Dekoration und Catering könnt Ihr jederzeit dazu buchen.
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    Organisation einer Feier mit beliebig vielen Personen, inklusive Bühnenprogramm *
    Wir organisieren für Euch ein Bühnenprogramm mit mindestens 3 Showacts aus unserem weitreichenden Netzwerk, ohne weitere Kosten für Gagen der Künstler*innen. Zudem organisieren für Euch kostenlos alles, von Fest bis Fete, im Rahmen des Kulturhaus der Eisenbahner. Im Preis enthalten ist die Raummiete, das Einladungsmanagement inkl. Hotelbuchung, Planung und Bestellung des Caterings, sowie weitere organisatorische Leistungen, welche Ihr gerne vor dem Crowdfunden erfragen könnt. Reisekosten für die Künstler*innen fallen je nach Verhältnismäßigkeit an.
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