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Crowdfunding - spread your vision to the world

Crowdfunding is the way of collecting many small amounts of money from the internet community for a special purpose. So therefore the VisionBakery offers an alternative way to present and finance creative ideas and projects.

These presentations are viewable for every person and can be supported with choosen amounts of money by the whole internet crowd, who will spread your idea all over the world as well. As in thanks of that, the supporter will get special, seldom, unique products or services by you as the project initiator.

Just try it! The money will only be cashed out if the project is successful. If it's not successful there wouldn't be any costs.

VisionBakery - Crowdfunding pioneers since 2010

As one of the first and germany's second largest reward-based crowdfunding platform we gain a lot of experience in crowdfunding over the years. We'll stand by your side with all of these infos to help you, you make your crowdfunding successful. As special point for VisionBakery, all of our crowdfunding consulting and help while creating your project page is offered for free. We are your #1 supporter!

Everbody wins or no one loses

We believe trying should be FREE. From the beginning to the end, we will help you get your crowdfunding project supported. If your project doesn't get 100% financed, you won't be charged anything.

We only charge a fee if a project is successfully funded. We automatically apply a 10 % fee for our service and 1,9 % for paypal transaction costs to the amount of money you are aspiring to get. If your project is successful these fees will be charged from your fund. By doing this we make sure you are getting the needed money to realize your project.

Easy payment methods

For payments, we offer your crowdfunders to optionts. For global payments, the most widely used internet payment provider PayPal. For payments out of the European Union, your crowdfunder can choose the traditional way of bank transfer as well.

It's yours!

It's neither a credit nor a loan! If you are able to convince enough sponsors of your idea and the project is fully funded, the money is yours. You are liable for using the money to realize your project and to give your sponsors their rewards.