The basics

to the top ↑ What's the VisionBakery?

The VisionBakery is a possability to support creative ideas and ambitious projects fiancially.

The VisionBakery is driven by the idea "all or nothing". So projects are either fully funded or the supporter can be sure to get all of its money back.

to the top ↑ Why?

1. It offers you more safety.

2. Anyone that wants to start a project has to truly think about its concept.

It's motivating. A project is brought to life by he help of others.

to the top ↑ Why do people support projects?

It's all about rewards! Project initiators motivate people to support money by offering interesting rewards.

It's also about stories! Behind every VisionBakery project are real people that want to tell a story. Those stories are coming to life by the use of news postings, pictures and videos.

to the top ↑ Who can support a VisionBakery project financially?

Anyone that is enthusiastic about an idea, can support a project from the whole world with a PayPal account or from European countries as well with a regular bank account.

to the top ↑ How does it work?

Any project has a financing goal and a time frame (up to 55 days) that is chosen by the initiator. At the end there are two results:

1.Fully funded: If a project has fulfilled or even exceeded its financing goal the received money of all supporters will be transfered to the intiator.

2.Failed financing: If a project doesn't fulfill its financing goal the received money including all transaction fees will be transfered back to the supporters. The supporters are getting all their money back. The project initiator is getting nothing.

to the top ↑ How do I support a project?

To support a project you have to click the blue button labeled "supporter". On the following page you can choose the amount of money you want to support as well as your favourite rewards. Please note that the value of your chosen rewards isn't exceeding your support. This means if you support10 Euro you can choose a reward with a value of 10 Euro.

to the top ↑ When transfering the money are there additional costs for me as a supporter?

There is no transaction fee.

to the top ↑ Is the amount of money I support displayed publicly?

It's your own choice! You can decide what is displayed publicly. So if you wish you can also sponsor totally anonymously. But pelase note that a intiator is always able to see all your given informtion to send you your chosen reward. For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

to the top ↑ When I support a project what kind of information does the project initiator get about me?

The project initiator is able to see your VisionBakery user name, the amount of money you have supported and your chosen reward. If the financing is successful all your given information will be send to the initiator for him or her to identify you and send you your chosen reward. For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

to the top ↑ What kind of information do I get about the project initiator if the project is fully funded?

You can be sure to get all necessary information the initiator has given us when he oder she registered at our online platform. You get the same information the initiator will get about you. So it's easy for you to identify yourselves and to get in contact. In this way you can take part in the project and the initiator is able to send the chosen reward to you. For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.

to the top ↑ How do I know that a project initiator is really existing?

You can check the initiator's identity on your own if you like. Just research the websites the intiator listed or simply ask him or her directly by using the contact function on the intitiator's profile. We try to check every single project before it's presenting itself on the VisionBakery website. If you find something odd we'd like you to inform us by sending a message.

to the top ↑ I do not live in Germany. Is it still possible to support?

Yes, it is possible for you to support a project without living in Germany. From the whole world this is possible with a PayPal account. From Europe you can use a regular bank transfer as well. Please note that you can only support in Euro. Please ask if the initiator is willing and able to send or give your reward to you if you are not living in Germany. This may result in additional costs (e.g. shipping fees or travel costs). Just get in contact with the initiator on its profile.

to the top ↑ I do not use Paypal. Is it still possible to support?

If you aren't registered at PayPal, from Europe you can use a regular bank transfer as well.

to the top ↑ Do I get a message if a project wasn't fully funded?

You can follow the status of your supported project in your account. Just look at "My supports". There you can also see if your supported money has already been tranfered back to you.

to the top ↑ Can I withdraw my support?

Yes, it's possible to withdraw your support. You'll find all your transactions in your account. You have the possibility to withdraw your support within 14 days after you supported. For more information take a look at the supporter's GTC.

to the top ↑ How can I delete my VisionBakery account?

If you want to delete the given information you can inform us by mail, fax or by sending a message using the following link. We will process your request as far as the Privacy Policy allows it. If your request fits the Privacy Policy completeley we will delete all information immediately. Please note that you won't be able to access your VisionBakery account after the deletion. If you want to enter the VisionBakery again you have to register a new account.

Starting a project

to the top ↑ How do I start a project?

Klicke auf der Startseite auf den großen grünen Button mit der Aufschrift “Crowdfunding Projekt Starten”. Auch in der oberen Navigationsleiste findest du einen Link mit derselben Bezeichnung. Du gelangst auf eine Seite mit Informationen. Lies sie dir bitte durch und klicke danach auf den grünen Button „Projekt anlegen“. Nun hast du die Möglichkeit deine Vision in 4 Schritten anzulegen.

to the top ↑ What kind of information do I have to submit to start a project?

We need a copy of your ID (front and back). With the help of these information we identify you as the project initiator. The given information has to be confirmed by your Id's or passport's copy. Furthermore we need an account statement copy. Please black out all passages except your address, the date your name and bank account. We need these information to make sure it's your bank account.

Please send the documents by post to Vision2020 Holding UG, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 49, 04107 Leipzig or by mail to

We assure you that we will treat your data confidentially and will only use it internally. For further infortmation take a look at our Privacy Policy.

to the top ↑ Wer prüft mein Projekt?

Dein Projekt wird durch einen Mitarbeiter der VisionBakery geprüft. Außenstehende Personen erhalten in der Prüfphase keinen Zugriff auf dein Projekt. Wir werden deine Idee keinem Dritten weitergeben und auch selbst deine Idee nicht für eigene Zwecke nutzen. Erst wenn das Projekt online geht, werden die entsprechenden Daten über die Onlineplattform veröffentlicht.

to the top ↑ Wie lange dauert es bis mein Projekt online geht?

Wir versuchen dein Projekt in einem Zeitraum von 2-3 Werktagen zu prüfen. In Zeiten mit vielen Projektanfragen kann sich der Zeitpunkt der Prüfung verlängern. Mit unserer Prüfung werden wir dir helfen dein Projekt zu verbessern und eine detalierte Rückmeldung geben. Gerne sind wir dazu bereit, ein persönliches Gespräch mit dir zu führen, um deine Projektseite durch unsere Erfahrung zu verbessern. Bitte kontaktiere uns über und vereinbare einen Termin. Durch entstehende Änderungen, welche sich aus der Beratung ergeben, kann sich der Startzeitpunkt verschieben. Es ist ein Prozess, welchen wir zusammen angehen, um das beste Ergebnis für dich und deine Vision zu erarbeiten. Betrachte es als Teamwork!

to the top ↑ Kann es passieren, dass meine Idee abgelehnt wird?

Wir prüfen den Inhalt jeder Projektseite. Wir werden dein Projekt nicht ablehnen, weil es uns persönlich nicht gefällt, die Crowd entscheidet am Ende. Jedoch solltest du bereit sein, zusammen mit uns an deinem Projekt zu arbeiten, um eine optimale Projektseite zu erstellen. Grundsätzlich lehnen wir diskriminierende, menchenverachtende, rassischtische, sexistische, FSK18 oder gewaltverherrlichende Projekte ab. Zusätzlich muss dein Projekt den gesetzlichen Vorgaben der Bundesrepublik Deutschland entsprechen.

Progressing a project

to the top ↑ Do projects need a financial goal and a time frame?

Yes. Every project initiator has to set a financial goal and a time frame between 1 to 55 days for te project's financing.

to the top ↑ How much is it to start a project?

It's for free.

Using the VisionBakery only costs you something if your project has been fully funded. We charge automatically 10 % for our sevice and 1,9 % for transactions of the financing goal you have stated and deduct all of this as a fee if your project is fully funded. By doing this we make sure you are getting the money needed to realize your idea.

to the top ↑ Is the financial goal limited to a certain level?


to the top ↑ Is my support limited in any way (minimum or maximum)?

The least amount of money you can sponsor is 0,01 €. Please note that PayPal has its own limits and you have to verify your bank account to be able to transfer larger amounts of money. Learn more about the verification here.


to the top ↑ Are there ideas that will definitely be rejected?

We don't want to support every idea. No user of our platform has a right to have its idea launched. To avoid disappontments we want to give you some requirements your project should fulfill.

We don't support the following ideas. We'd like to save you and us time and work so we decided to list ideas that we will definitely deny:

We don't support ideas with any kind of criminal backround, content or ideas that pursue a criminial goal. We do not host content that has a racist, xenophobic or in any other form aggressive content or goal. We also don't support ideas that fulfill one of the following criteria: pornography, violence, weapons, gambling, investments or credits.

We'd like to mention again that no applicant has any rights to have its idea launched on our platform.

Managing a project

to the top ↑ Is it possible to see the entire activity of my project?

Every project contains the following:

1. the project page
2. the list of all supporter
3. the news page
4. the administration area with tha supporters' data

to the top ↑ How do I get the information of my supporters (e.g. size or postal address)?

After your project has been fully funded you can see the complete information of your supporters in your project page's administration area. Here you can find your supporter's mail addresses. We can't offer you a way to automatically export those information at the moment. We work on a sompification. Until we have fixed it we'd like to ask you to save the information by printing screen view.

to the top ↑ Is it possible to add something to my project after it has already started?

Yes. Information that cannot be edited after the project started are::

1. the financing goal
2. the project's time frame
3. rewards that have already been chosen by a supporterr
4. your video/picture
5. the project's description
6. the project's title
7. your personal as well as bank account information

to the top ↑ Is it possible to collect more money then previously stated?

Yes. Projects last till their time frame ends.

to the top ↑ Can a initiator decide to end a project earlier?

Der Initiator eines Projektes hat während der heißen Phase jederzeit die Möglichkeit, das Projekt ohne Nennung von Gründen einzustellen. Hierzu muss der Initiator unter Nachweis seiner Identität VisionBakery schriftlich informieren. Der Initiator muss seinen Wunsch auf Einstellung des jeweiligen Projektes schriftlich mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift versehen, gerichtet an VisionBakery, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 49, 04107 Leipzig, widerrufen.

Für den Fall einer wirksamen Beendigung eines Projektes werden die bis dahin eingegangenen Unterstützerbeiträge an die Unterstützer zurückgezahlt.

to the top ↑ If a project changes during the financing process, should I inform my supporters?

The initiator is of course obliged to inform its supporters about any change. In case of a fully funding a legally biding contract has been made between the initiator and its supporters.

The Networking

to the top ↑ Can I share my project in social networks?

Yes. Just click the buttons beneath the video/picture on the project page. There you can find a range of social networks.

to the top ↑ Do you have a Twitter account?

Yes. Follow us   Follow VisionBakery on Twitter

to the top ↑ Do you have a Facebook account?

Yes and we's be happy if you would like it.   Find Us On Facebook

to the top ↑ Is it possible to ask you for additional functions?

Yes, just send us a message with the subject "new function" or use the link feedback in the navgation bar above.

to the top ↑ Who is the VisionBakery?

We are a young team from Leipzig. Since the beginning of 2011 we are working passionately on the VisionBakery. We want to make a difference and simplify the financing of creative ideas in Germany. If you want to get more information about us take a look at the page "about us".