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  • ab 10,00 €
    Just because it's you, RBL! *
    Yes, it's us and we cannot be more happy to do it! This is the basic support for our project that could become your project too - thank you!
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  • ab 12,00 €
    Pine-Thyme Honey from die Amvrosia
    Original Organic from Greece - Be sweet and get some sweet honey from RBL Berlin. More info on www.die-amvrosia.de
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  • ab 15,00 €
    Record - Il Civetto "Lubmin" (Remix by Monolink and others)
    It's the music of the space that extends between oceans and mountain slopes. It's the music of the space that is much bigger and much more adventurous than the four walls of a club look like. It's the latest record on Acker, and it orbits around a song from Il Civetto, in exclusive for RBL Berlin.
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  • ab 20,00 €
    Together we sound good *
    You always wanted to hear that song on the radio: well you tell us the song and we will play it live! Just because we sound good together!
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  • ab 25,00 €
    You are now an RBL member *
    At RBL we value human connection first. With this amount you will be able to become a member of the radio, becoming a supporter of our activities during 2019.
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  • ab 30,00 €
    Unheard Records in your ears *
    Thanks to the collaboration of BAKÁH aka Mint Park, who since 2015 has been co-running female curated electronic music label Unheard Records, we are pleased to enrich our rewards with the possibility of downloading her personal BAKAH solo electro-ambient EP and the latest compilation by Unheard Records, COMPILATION003.
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  • ab 40,00 €
    Linked like cables!
    A resistent and durable cable is the basic for a long lasting equipment connection. With this amount we can get one of those cables. In exchange, you can promote your own ideas in our spaces and on our platforms.
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  • ab 65,00 €
    Small Fan Pack *
    You can finally get some official RBL gadgets you always wanted to have: a bag, for records or food, or our unique Carnival t-shirt, all made and branded RBL, to show that you belong to the community.
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  • ab 75,00 €
    A password for Alles *
    Yes, sometimes you need a password to enter certain places or certain exclusive environment. Well, let's make a password that will last forever, between you and RBL! You tell us a word and every event you will attend in 2019, using this word, you will get always in for free!
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  • ab 100,00 €
    Big Fan Pack *
    You can finally get all those gadgets you always wanted to have: a bag, for records or food, our unique Karneval t-shirt AND the membership card for 2019, all made and branded RBL, to show that you belong to the community.
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  • ab 200,00 €
    Big - Our DJs are your DJs! *
    With this reward, you will be able to book 2 of our DJs for your next party. You find the location and provide the equipment, we come and play all night or all day long!
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  • ab 300,00 €
    The revolution will be televised *
    Most of the radio have live streaming feature, mostly of Facebook. We should have it too indeed! Help us getting 2 proper cameras for our studio! You will gain with this the opportunity to make your own audio/video dj-set recording, with our technical support. This reward includes 4h of reharsal and 2 hrs of actual recording, as well as promotion of your dj set through our channels. You will also have access to 2 workshops organised in 2019. And of course our membership card.
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  • ab 1.000,00 €
    Spin it like you mean it! *
    A dream of many DJs, to have a Technics record player at home. We want to give access to this technology to everyone. With this rewards, we will be one step closer! You will have access to 2 workshops organised by RBL Berlin and you will receive our membership card for 2019. Last but not least: you will be able to book up to 4 djs of the RBL Berlin roster as well as the DJ-Equipment for your party (if you can provide the location and the speakers).
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500,00 €

HP Nick (Majestic Casual)
Stuttgart, Deutschland


Berlin Italian Communication
Berlin, Deutschland

200,00 €

Sengul Ergunu
Izmir, Türkei
Backer Picture

200,00 €

Berlin, Deutschland

200,00 €

Marco Esposito
Berlin, Deutschland