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Dieses Projekt erreichte die benötigte Summe bis zum 20.07.17 MEZ nicht und konnte in 37 Tagen nicht finanziert werden.



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    Our eternal gratitude *
    Oh yes
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    Vinyl of the Festival *
    Eternal gratitude + We produce an LP especially for this year’s festival. And of course you’ll get yours, waiting for you in our stand at the the Grassi, or sent to you after the event. The vinyl will be produced by our friends from R.A.N.D. Muzik.
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  • ab 50,00 €
    Crypted currency voucher - 20% of the invested sum *
    Eternal gratitude + Vinyl + 20% of what you give to us as a support will be given back to you, at the time of the festival, under the form of our "shadow currency", in a bracelet waiting for you there. For example: You want to support us with 100 euros? You will receive, on top of a vinyl, 20 euros/lips credits ready to be used in our stands or all over the city (or given back in euro, cash if you’re not thirsty or hungry on that week end).
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Chloe Faget
Montreuil, Frankreich

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thierry ageron
Bruyères le chatel, Frankreich

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Laurence Bastide
Vanves, Frankreich

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Marec Kainen
Leipzig, Deutschland

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Susanne P.
Leipzig, Deutschland