Crowdfunding with the VisionBakery team

We are a young team from Leipzig. Since the beginning of 2010 we are working passionately on the VisionBakery. We want to make a difference and help simplify the financing of creative ideas in Germany.

As germanys second largest crowdfunding platform we offer an alternative way to finance creative ideas and projects since 01.01.2011. With that we want to help to strengthen the awarness in the society, that everyone can change things and make their visions come true.

Just try it. The collected money will only cashed out, if a project is successful. The chance is for free. If the needed amount of money can not be reached, every supporter gets its money back and no costs are due. Become a part of the crowdfunding network VisionBakery!

Lars is responsible for the VisionBakery's software development and it's technical operations. He studied media informatics at HTWK Leipzig and UTS Sydney. After stdying abroad in Australia he returned to Leipzig with an idea - the VisionBakery.

What do you like about the VisionBakery & and what's your connection?

An incredible amount of “{“, “}”, “if”, “else”, “$”... :-) as well as the idea to see numerous projects getting realized. Projects that probably would'nt have been realized without the VisionBakery 's help.


Stephan is responsible for all of the VisionBakery's economic tasks. Another part of his work is to get in contact with project initiators as well as potetial intiators. Stephan is self-employed since 2001.

What do you like about the VisionBakery & and what's your connection?

"What I like about the VisionBakery is that it's a chance for creative ideas to get an uncomplicated entry to financial resources without feeling the need to apply for grant applications or having to write business plans. A project initiator gets the chance to win others over its idea and raise funds to make this idea come true. Everyone can decide what to sponsor whereby a opportunity is created to avoid bureaucracy and financial service provider's yield interested thinking. My connection to the VisionBakery is the love for new things. I like trying to understand new concepts - the crazier the better. In my free time I like drawing and imagining my retirement in Southern France with canvas and some brushes. :)"


Anja Thonig is the Berlin contact for the crowdfunding platform VisionBakery. "Crowdfunding brings people together who believe in a common project idea." With experience from several positions as marketing manager and project manager in various agencies and online startups under her belt, Anja Thonig joined the VisionBakery team in 2014, strengthening it with her extensive knowledge. She now accompanies project initiators from all over Germany to help them successfully implement their crowdfunding ideas.


Susan is responsible for the project support in Leipzig. She studied art history and drama at University Leipzig. After an internship in the field of theater and exhibitions, she joined the VisionBakery team in 2015.