Ukraine's Daily Blues

- trapped between the frontlines -


"Laskavo prosymo" - Welcome to our international film documentary project titled "Ukraine`s  Daily Blues - trapped between between the frontlines"

 Markus Nieden, project director, has travelled  in Ukraine extensively and has a passion for its culture and people. He will be collaborating  with other writers, film crew members from Ukraine and Germany.


1. Filmteam 2. Our Goal 3. Project's Outcome 4. How to support 5. Sponsors and Partners



 Our Filmteam


Markus Nieden,Karlsruhe/Kiew:

Project Director, Screenwriter




Polina Bogdanova ,Kiew(left):

Blogger, Photographer 


Valeria Geizer,Berlin (right):

Projectmanager, Screenwriter, Blogger, Social Media



Mischa Vollmann,Karlsruhe:

Projectmanager, Editing, Social media



 Willy Rollé, Stuttgart:




Further Cooperators:

Olga Matvienko ,Natalia Shchytnik and  "The Pingwins" -Musicians

Andrej (E-Guitar) ,Sergej (Vocals, Keyboard), and Matthew(Drums)


Kiew Cooperators:

Nikolaj Katalnikov: junior&senior: 1st & 2d Camera, Historical Research

Valeria Bukreyeva: Screenwriter, Social Research 

Kaleria Katalnikova: Graphic-Design, Editing, Webmastering



Our Goal / About the project


Our goal will be to document the personal stories of the heartships of ukrainian people in these tumultuous times.

The project will put together a collection of first hand accounts and interviews of average ukrainians struggling to survive  in their daily lives,all synchronized with an ensemble of painted portraits
as arts originals,documented in the film itself as well.

We will build a collaboration with other writers, film crew members and producers from Ukraine and Germany. People like you and me want to tell their story to get the truth out about what they are
actually facing in a very traumatic and devisive political atmosphere.

To portray this,we will narrate some life stories based on our experiences travelling in Ukraine.
These stories will be set in unique places, such as an old hotel close to the Black Sea and the port in Odessa,
Pecherska Lavra ,Podol and other historical places, guided by a native Kyiv resident .
Furthermore,we will be introduced to a cloister of nuns in western ukraine by another writer ,
who shared her life with them. Also,we will explore the russian occupied Crimea by boat to visit some local ucrainians who have remained there.



The main goal of our documentary is to be free from western or eastern bias and propaganda.
In order to collect narratives of average Ukrainians  without a large Media Attitude .
Instead of looking at the misery of a beaten down country, we would rather express
solidarity and understanding.




Project`s Outcome


Our Filmteam will work on a low budget level, that means basicallly we all work on a free honoured basis, as we're idealistically interested in the documentary's content and will to spread and show our stories and episodes, our valid experiences face to face with ukrainian's, wanting to tell about their situation.


The Movie itself, after being completed, will have its first premiere within a cultural program format,  presumingly in November 2015. Finally, we`re aiming to appear with our Film in some designed Documentary Festival in-and outside Europe.



How can I support this project?


Every sponsor is important to us no matter how much he or she gives. 

We kindly invite you to contribute to our project with your 
financial support in order to create a film with common interests!

(also your ideas,suggestions and expertises are welcome.)
By working independently this way, we hope to finance the film completely
by crowd funding with Visionbakery.com.
You can be assured that your sponsorship will be acknowledged with gifts of appreciation
and recognition in the film credits.

Thank you for your consideration of support!


Choose your favourite packet on the right site (rewards) and support us now! You can pay easy and directly via paypal. Thanks a lot! You are amazing! 


Please help us to promote this project - for the world -

for Ukraine

- for you! Feel free !


No money? No problem! Please like and share our project on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or via E-mail. Thank you! Thanks that you're supporting  us!



Sponsors and Partners


Das Logo

In Kooperation mit dem Filmboard Karlsruhe e.v.




* Please notice that we reserve the right to check the supporters and optionally cancel the contract with a supporter.


Further Links:


Ukraine's Daily Blues on FACEBOOK 

Youtube Channel "Ukraine's Daily Blues 


Markus Nieden - Artist Homepage

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am 16.11.2014 um 18:53

I think it is an amazing idea and project! I am looking forward to seeing the completed story about Ukrainians as it is interesting to look at itself from the outside, from an independent side. Besides it is a very vital theme because of the last events in Ukraine (such as Maidan, Crimea, war in Estern Ukraine) which are quiet important for Europe. I wish this project to get a real success and recognition!

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Markus Nieden
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Markus Nieden
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