Sanctuary Retreat, Research & Education Centre for Sound Medicine, Organic Seed Preservation and Sustainable Solutions invites you to become an active co-creator and savior of a magical Oasis in a nature reserve in South Sweden.
Surrounded by the Eko park of Christine Hof Castle, mystic forests & lakes, sacred circles of standing stones close to the shores of the Baltic sea - the Sanctuary offers a unique retreat from a stressful lifestyle.

Pure spring water, clean air, fertile soil in a healthy environment provide a healing breathing space from burn out, (or prevention of such) for fast recovery after sickness or just to regain inner strength and clarity to make the essential steps into the right direction in our lives and to walk in beauty and harmony again.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going to? What is our true purpose in life? Are we on the right track? - Nobody can answer these questions but ourselves and in order to do so it is essential to create time and space for deep self inquiry in a peaceful environment where we are embraced by beauty and silence allowing us to tune in and hear once again the true song of our heart.

The Sanctuary is providing such a space. There is no other place like the Sanctuary which is both easy accessible through international airport Copenhagen or Malmö. Ferry from Germany and Poland or simply by car or local transport - yet so tucked away at the edge of a magical forest at the end of a secret valley in a nature reserve surrounded by a great variety of fauna, flora and landscape hosting organic farms, organic raw food cafes & restaurants, artists, musicians, galleries, ancient monuments and many more amazing things to discover.

Besides daily meditation, healing movements, organic food, medicinal plants, raw organic chocolate alchemy, super smoothies, healing music, sound massage, nature walks, sacred fires and temple cats - the Sanctuary is a platform for your own inspiration of creative expression - weaving your dreams into being. An ideal place for writers, painters, musicians, and other artists or those who want to explore new possibilities.

In the Sanctuary treatments are offered such as healing massage with hands, sound, feathers and smoke, (aura cleansing), chi transmission, purifying sweatlodge ceremonies, sacred fire ceremonies, individual ceremonies and sacred wedding ceremonies.

The aim and vision of the Sanctuary is to provide a sustainable oasis for the healing arts and organic life style, permaculture, medicinal plant cultivation, organic seed preservation and research and eduction around such as well as sound medicine not just for the present but also the future generations.

The ark of dreams can carry the seeds of our dreams to fertile shores where we can plant our hopes and dreams into reality for the children of our children.

We have a responsibility as guardians and care takers of sacred mother earth to preserve healthy environment and oasis for our children and the coming generations - also as stepping stones through times of global major changes.

The Sanctuary is such a place. Please help to preserve it. Not just for yourself but also for your children and the future generations.

All we have, we have received from our ancestors and forefathers. What kind of heritage do we pass on to the future generations?

The ancestors of ancient times have left us sacred heritage around the Sanctuary where we can listen to the song of stone, the song of stars and the song of the heart which is our compass for guidance. So that we can understand the sacred laws of life and realign our lives accordingly so we can learn to be in harmony once again.

Allow yourself to hear the song of your heart and have the courage to follow it.

Support Sanctuary for Sanctuary to support you!

With your financial contribution the Sanctuary will be preserved and available for you and all in need.

The current owner is putting the Sanctuary on the real estate market this month - we are gathering financial resources to buy it into the Sanctuary Foundation as a humanitarian non profit trust through which essential ethics and values for humanity will be preserved. More details at www.sanctuary-retreat.org & www.youtube.com/sanctuaryretreat

Your contribution makes all the difference! Thank you.
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  • ab 10,00 €
    Organic Superfood Gourmet Smoothies with Maca, Lucuma, Goji, Chia, Blueberry, Banana, Cocoa etc. only at Sanctuary
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  • ab 25,00 €
    2 CDs to the price of 1 CD of Kailash Kokopelli Inner World Music www.kailash-kokopelli.com & www.silenzio.de incl. postage
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  • ab 40,00 €
    tickets to Soundhealing Concert at Sanctuary or international venues
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  • ab 50,00 €
    One Night in the Sanctuary in your own private room with organic superfood smoothie for breakfast
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  • ab 50,00 €
    tickets to Organic Raw Chocolate Alchemy Workshop at Sanctuary
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  • ab 50,00 €
    tickets to Sacred Fire Ceremony with devotional Mantra singing at Sanctuary
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  • ab 108,00 €
    tickets to Rainbow-lodge purification ceremony at Sanctuary
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  • ab 150,00 €
    1 hr individual Sound Massage (sound healing treatment) at Sanctuary or your home (plus travel expenses)
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  • ab 500,00 €
    Your individual Sacred Wedding Ceremony at Sanctuary or your chosen venue
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  • ab 500,00 €
    Sanctuary Retreat Weekends full pension including 3 individual treatments and organic gourmet catering
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  • ab 7.500,00 €
    108 hrs within 1 year: Level 1 education in Sound Medicine (1 hr 70€ 108x70= 7500€ )
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  • ab 7.500,00 €
    108 hrs within 1 year: Level 1 education in: KACHIMO Healing Chi Movements (1 hr 70€ 108x70= 7500€ )
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